M.D. Milena Nedelcheva

Dermatologist Milena Nedelcheva M.D. established the dermatological, cosmetics and weight loss center of Stara Zagora City in 2001 and made it the premiere destination in South Bulgaria for treatment of all skin conditions, disorders and procedures of weight loss.

The highly qualified staff of the center serves the field of treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and perform services of skin allergy testing, pediatric dermatology, permanent make-up, chemical skin peels and the revolutionary procedure of weight loss and shaping body contours using the machine “Velasmooth”.

Also phototherapy, photoepilation, acne phototherapy and removing bad pigmentation spots by using Laser Skin Station. “Velasmooth” combines technologies that no other machine of that class does. The manufacturer Syneron calls it Electro-Optical Synergy. It’s a combination of bi-polar radiofrequency energy and infrared laser light energy, coupled with vacuum suction and mechanical massage. The technology works on the theory that the heat from the radiofrequency and light energies increases the metabolism of the targeted fat cells, causing the fat to “burn off” and the cells themselves to shrink in size. At the same time, the device’s massage and gentle suctioning actions help smooth out the skin. After the treatment you have the same number of fat cells, but they’re smaller in size and your skin looks much smoother. There are only two machines “Velasmooth” on the territory of Bulgaria. “Velasmooth” is accepted very well by the world leading practices in the sphere of weight loss treatments, and it is effectively fighting the cellulite and skin wrinkles, and shapes the body contour.